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The Journal of Engineering is a scientific journal, published by the College of Engineering – University of Baghdad since 1986. Its papers are reviewed by efficient and highly qualified professors in all fields of engineering. It was originally published quarterly but started publishing monthly in 2011 due to the abundance of research papers submitted. All the editions issued are published on the Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals website, in addition to the journal’s own website.
The Journal is edited and supervised by a multi-disciplinary editorial board of specialized, experienced and highly qualified professors in scientific research.
Most of the scientists and researchers in Iraq and other Arabs who specialize in engineering, participate in publishing their research work in the Journal because of its outstanding position among other similar journals in the Arab world.
Journal specialty: All engineering fields.

Publisher: College of Engineering – University of Baghdad.
The web site is:
Start of publication: 1986.
Publishing frequency: Monthly.
Publishing languages: Arabic, English.
Distribution area: Iraq.
Financial sponsorship: College of Engineering – University of Baghdad.
Journal’s Mission: Support and enhance the performance in all engineering fields and scientific research of scientists in all engineering colleges and governmental institutions to enhance the development process in the nation.

A brief summary on number of annual issues and research papers: The Journal publishes 12 volumes annually; each volume consists of 10 - 12 scientific papers in all engineering specialties. 

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