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Finalization Step

1. Five copies printed in (one column). Four of copies don’t contain any information concerning the researcher/researchers.
2. Two CDs:
     One contains a copy of the research in (word 2010) and another one in (pdf) with no information concerning the researcher/researchers. No information must be written on the CD. 
     The other contains the research with:
      1. Both English and Arabic titles.
      2. Full name of the researcher in English and Arabic.
      3. The email.
      4. The scientific rank of the researcher.
      5. Key words in English and Arabic.
3. A non-objection statement from the researcher working place.
4. A bill of 100,000 ID for a professor, of 75,000 ID for an assistant professor and of 50,000 ID for a lecturer.
5. A written pledge that contains the signature of the researcher/researchers, or the supervisor if it concerns the postgraduate students.   

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